OneRepublic - Didn't I (Behind The Scenes)

9 апр 2020
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Music video by OneRepublic performing Didn't I (Behind The Scenes). © 2020 Mosley Music/Interscope Records

  • Genial el vídeo, se ve lo mucho que se esforzaron para este excelente vídeo de la canción

    Jazmin OlveraJazmin OlveraМесяц назад
  • I Hope You Are All Well. Blessed.

    Patricia SalutiPatricia SalutiМесяц назад
  • Hi Its Beautiful.

    Patricia SalutiPatricia SalutiМесяц назад
  • Beautiful song 💪

    Octavian GrayOctavian Gray3 месяца назад
  • Very cool

    Cherri PhelpsCherri Phelps6 месяцев назад
  • is it in any way possible to get a floor plan fron the house?

    Gustl MeixnerGustl Meixner7 месяцев назад
  • These are such fun, tranquil, and down to earth guys

    Josh ThomasJosh Thomas7 месяцев назад
  • where is this super house ?

    Michal ČorejMichal Čorej9 месяцев назад
  • They deserve more subs and veiws on most there shit.

    Devlind StefDevlind Stef9 месяцев назад
  • Could anyone told me where this place is? This house is sooooo beautiful!!

    Sally ChangSally Chang10 месяцев назад
  • Lol. You all made me smile and laugh. Thank you

    Cheryl MachoskyCheryl Machosky10 месяцев назад
  • When this hard times past!! I promise myself watching live... So 1R I wanna be there singing with all I have !!!!! ♥️🙌🙏🙏💅😍😬🙋🙋

    amelie coronaamelie coronaГод назад
  • 1:08 omg coooo cuteee you

    Werberton LopesWerberton LopesГод назад
  • Great video great song, but I am totally obsessed with that house any more info on it ?

    Kelly GillisKelly GillisГод назад
  • Hi

    Vinod sharmaVinod sharmaГод назад
  • This song is my life this days. 💘 One Republic! I thank you.🤗

    avonazil 1105avonazil 1105Год назад
  • Brent

    RuthRuthГод назад
  • Nice vid, looking forward to more uploads. You should use FollowSM . c o m to grow your channel and get more social proof.

    Julius CaseyJulius CaseyГод назад
  • 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    mervetsarach 74mervetsarach 74Год назад
  • No entiendo lo que dicen pero me encantan😍😳❤

    valentinaa UwUvalentinaa UwUГод назад
    • Jajaja somos dos

      Jazmin OlveraJazmin Olvera2 месяца назад
  • Faz um hit como couting stars esse eu nao gostei😢😐😐😑😑😑😕😕😕

    Wesley FelipeWesley FelipeГод назад
  • 😭😭😭😭😭worst song... Music is good.. but didn't word... 😭😭😭😭😭😭Head pain

    Ankit GuptaAnkit GuptaГод назад
  • I've watched the video many times, but I have no idea what the surprise they are talking about might be.

    ck104ck104Год назад
  • Video was amazing. Simple and elegant.

    Christina LChristina LГод назад
  • I'm so sad the album is delayed

    Ben FieldingBen FieldingГод назад
  • I gave a thumbs up FOR THE PIANO!

    Speaker SubjectSpeaker SubjectГод назад
  • Thank you guys for sharing behind the scenes.♥️♥️

    Rimon JorziyaRimon JorziyaГод назад
  • This song is so underrated :(

    ritsuka chanritsuka chanГод назад

    Ágnes GyebnárÁgnes GyebnárГод назад
  • No you mostly behaved however you wanted without any regard for my feelings. How about you stop harassing me

    H. SilvergreenH. SilvergreenГод назад
  • I love you guys, please don't ever stop making music.

    Maxine GaomasMaxine GaomasГод назад
  • 😆😆😆

    cindy pickymooncindy pickymoonГод назад
  • When is better days video coming out

    Muhammad MirsabMuhammad MirsabГод назад
  • Hey, non-english speaker right there! Anyone can tell me where is this house located? I think they explain it but I can't understand 😢. Stay home friends, much love from🇨🇵

    WrittenTheStarsWrittenTheStarsГод назад
    • They didn't say where it was. Just somewhere in the Los Angeles area. It is a beautiful house, isn't it?

      ck104ck104Год назад
  • This is still a unbelievably underrated band

    batattackybatattackyГод назад
    • True

      PaulPaul3 месяца назад
  • Best Band Ever

    Kimia ShadkamiKimia ShadkamiГод назад
  • When is the album coming out?

    Christopher RekwotChristopher RekwotГод назад
  • I absolutely love this song. ♥💓💖🥴

    NamiNamiГод назад
  • I need a live version of this 😭 I bet the song would be even more exquisite with his amazing singing voice together with the actual sounds of the instruments of his bandmates

    Maharlika LayaMaharlika LayaГод назад
  • Send love love love😘😘😘

    花木恵花木恵Год назад
  • One republic is so underrated, love this song🤤

    melvin _040melvin _040Год назад
  • Bts = live performance

    Septembre summerSeptembre summerГод назад
  • COVID 19

    БРАДЯГА 534БРАДЯГА 534Год назад
  • Cuando vi que decía BTS fui directo a ver el vídeo pero no hay nada relacionado 😔

    Ainhoa NoahAinhoa NoahГод назад
  • Such a lovely and great team ! 😍😍😍

    Zineb BelhadjZineb BelhadjГод назад
  • Love the song by the way

    Estrellita LugoEstrellita LugoГод назад
  • That's awesome about the piano I hope you and your wife enjoy that piano to the fullest

    Estrellita LugoEstrellita LugoГод назад
  • I love this song

    Ana Lucia CortézAna Lucia CortézГод назад
  • I really fall in love with this song. It's so amazing! Thanks.

    Quân PhấtQuân PhấtГод назад
  • I really fall in love with this song. It's so amazing! Thanks.

    Quân PhấtQuân PhấtГод назад
  • Who for 1 million

    закерил ботазакерил ботаГод назад
  • Keep the good work up guys, you always fucking smash it. 💙💙

    FeFeГод назад
  • I love Drew so much ❤️❤️❤️

    Marlynn WilliamsMarlynn WilliamsГод назад
  • Looove you my stars😍😍😋😋😋😋😋

    Black DidBlack DidГод назад
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Black DidBlack DidГод назад
  • So cool

    le hieule hieuГод назад
  • This band always put smile in my face, positive vibes always flowing w them. No pressure working with them.

    Lota CoLota CoГод назад
  • Eddie n Drew...... 🔥

    Lota CoLota CoГод назад
  • Masterpiece OneRepublic!

    TheRockManTheRockManГод назад
  • I wanna sing with you🥺

    Wintana tekeleWintana tekeleГод назад
  • Jolie PhạmJolie PhạmГод назад
  • Love this band!

    RJ LoveYouRJ LoveYouГод назад
  • I love Ryan. But my eyes glued to Brian's smile throughout this video.

    adiiha9adiiha9Год назад
  • 😍😍😍❤

    Luuh Martins 47Luuh Martins 47Год назад
  • Like before watch

    Mike & Andrea GibbsMike & Andrea GibbsГод назад
  • Brent and his cello is one of the heart of the band, and OneRepublic is still very successful in integrating strings instrument in their songs. I just want them to keep doing that.

    Ngô Tùng DươngNgô Tùng DươngГод назад
  • The best like always 💓thank you all 💐

    maryam mhrmaryam mhrГод назад
  • very good too successful

    João PauloJoão PauloГод назад
  • Thanks for sharing... awesome guys. ...(*-*)...

    Jovi LopezJovi LopezГод назад
  • Amazing song 😊

    Ania SzycikofAnia SzycikofГод назад
  • Esto si es música nice

  • That just made me smile ❤️ thank you

    Sa bineSa bineГод назад
  • Nice place and gains and Cam.. WM

    Fatima Ze3raFatima Ze3raГод назад
  • pero que bueno es ver tanta dedicacion!!! larga vida y salud a estos artistas de categoria mundial !! ;)

    JoeldcaJoeldcaГод назад
    • Estoy de acuerdo mi estimado

      Jazmin OlveraJazmin Olvera2 месяца назад
  • 💖💖👍🎵🎵🎤🎻

    Floriana SoldàFloriana SoldàГод назад
  • Younes ❤abonné💪

    lnx yunxlnx yunxГод назад
  • I'm obsessed with this song, and that is a really neat house/music video!!

    Kelsey VekoffKelsey VekoffГод назад
  • Ty OneRepublic. It was fun. Love to all ♥♥♥♥♥

    Eliane SabbagEliane SabbagГод назад
  • Anyone else upset about this album being postponed? 😢

    Jacob DrainJacob DrainГод назад
  • Jeez I was so happy you guys post a new song! Because it has been 2 years I thought you guys ditched us.

    Peppa PiggyPeppa PiggyГод назад
  • Ryan is the most beautiful!🥰

    stefan alexandrustefan alexandruГод назад
  • Una mexicana aquí de colada, realmente amo su musica, no puedo olvidar que desde "no vacancy", quede hipnotizada por ustedes...

    Sarahi Lazcano TepehuaSarahi Lazcano TepehuaГод назад
    • Hola, me da alegría encontrar personas de nuestro país que escuchan a 1R

      Jazmin OlveraJazmin Olvera2 месяца назад
  • AMOO❤️

  • I listen 1R every single day.

    Werberton LopesWerberton LopesГод назад
  • Brazil's Here?

    Werberton LopesWerberton LopesГод назад
  • Sou muito fã de vcs, suas músicas são todas top, manda um alô aqui pro Brasil e pra minha namorada Bruna, 🙏🏼🙏🏼😍🤩 q Deus continue abençoando vcs todos sempre

    Charlis BorgesCharlis BorgesГод назад
    • Estou sempre d olho nos lançamento d vcs

      Charlis BorgesCharlis BorgesГод назад
  • I made an offer to my girlfriend for this song five minutes ago........................😪🤒

    Dabl PageDabl PageГод назад

    BeyzaBeyzaГод назад
  • 🎶excellent🎶

  • 👌

    cristinacristinaГод назад
  • Request: i reaaallllly want to see songs like:"I lived" with those types of meanings because they really make my day

    FinnFinnГод назад
  • 😘 👌😜

    karinka zorvanovakarinka zorvanovaГод назад
  • ❤i love you guys❤

    Anye LiconaAnye LiconaГод назад
  • Perfect song!!! #vegasfan 💛💛💛

    NurseKortneyNurseKortneyГод назад
  • The whole crew just have this calm, cool and lovable vibe 👌 Always love this band and this song, amazing. ♥️👑

    General's wifeGeneral's wifeГод назад
  • J adore One Republic❤❤❤❤❤

    Lucienne BoldriniLucienne BoldriniГод назад
  • I'm glad OneRepublic is still together they work really well as a group I'm glad that Brian is an official member OneRepublic fam just got another member in the fam.

    XxBluewolfXxXxBluewolfXxГод назад
  • OneRepublic are great band. Greeting from Peru🇵🇪

    Infinity Mao Space Gumball Angel MusicInfinity Mao Space Gumball Angel MusicГод назад
  • I love how the cameras are social distancing as well lol

    effect meeffect meГод назад
  • I LOVE THIS MUSIC! Thank U OneRepublic!

    uCARDIMuCARDIMГод назад